The Truth is the Truth

To quote a line from a movie, "Some thing's are true, whether you choose to believe them or not". Think carefully about that statement. Most of our beliefs on issues that affect our personal lifestyle are greatly influenced by our own desires and what we "want" the truth to be or what we "think" the truth should be, but this does not change what the truth actually is. Personal opinions are fine for things that have no absolute truth. For example, you may think that chocolate cake tastes better than apple pie and that would be true for you, but not for everyone.

People often make the mistake of forming personal opinions on issues that are not subjective. The laws of this universe are not something we can change with our opinion and they certainly do not always work the way we want them to work. For example, we can try to understand gravity and form opinions based on the best information available but gravity will still be gravity and our opinion will not change the actual properties of gravity. If your foot slips on a walkway and you fall, you may get a scrape or bruise but if you were on top of a cliff and you experience the same slip and fell to your death, would you blame gravity and call it unfair or is fairness really an issue? We have a general understanding of the effects of gravity and know that it would be ridiculous to try and blame gravity for an accident as it is one of the "laws" that allows for our life to exist. We need to understand that there are spiritual laws which are governing our world and that spiritual truth is not something that changes for each person. Our feelings or opinions of spiritual truth will not change what is actually right or wrong.

The real question is, "Do you honestly want to know the truth"? Truth is discovered, not created. Your personal belief cannot change the truth. It is either true or it is not true. Consider that anything that has great value will also have counterfeits. We should never make a judgment about an original based on the flaws in a counterfeit. You need to be absolutely certain that you have not been examining and rejecting a counterfeit worldview. I challenge you to have an open mind and try to put aside your preconceptions, misconceptions and stereotypes and follow the evidence and search for the real truth regardless of what you "think" the truth should be. I will not ask you to join anything and I will not ask you for money or for any of your personal information. I have not received any benefit from any of the links shared on this website. To quote another movie line "All I'm offering you is the truth".

If you want to explore the scientific clues to our uniqueness you can follow the link to "Why are we here". In the "Does Evil Exist" link you will find an interesting analogy on the relationship between good & evil. "Eyes Wide Shut" will try to help you understand that there is a spiritual dimension that you cannot see unless your eyes are opened. "The Big Picture" is to help those who have had their eyes open view the long term perspective. "Yeshua" is to help those who believe the Word of God to stand against false teachings that would try to deny Yeshua (Jesus) the glory due to Him. Also, check out the "Free Videos" as I have found them to be very interesting and helpful.