What is a Biblical Christian Worldview?

Please try to understand that if you are not a Christian, this will not make sense to you. Christians are given the Holy Spirit who helps them understand the Holiness of God and His Holy Word.  Without the renewing of your mind through the Holy Spirit, you simply cannot grasp the concept of true Holiness.

God gives everyone some light and if they move toward that light, then He will give them more light leading them toward Jesus.  However, if they ignore the light, then the light that they had will get dimmer and dimmer as their hearts get harder and harder and they become entrenched in the lies of darkness. Unfortunately, many who would call themselves Christian do not have a Biblical worldview. This results in a powerless witness that is not effective in reaching the lost.

As a Christian, I view God's Holiness as incomprehensible through our human experience.  We have nothing to compare it to. The closer you get to God, the more awestruck you will become of His purity. Yes, God is Love and Merciful. God is Just and Righteous. However, God is described as Holy, Holy, Holy, emphasizing that nothing surpasses His Holiness.  The closer you get to God, the more you realize just how ugly and harmful sin is and how sinful we are and how pure and sinless He is.  Even though all analogies break down at some point, it may be helpful to think of sin as a highly contagious and deadly virus that is often not symptomatic for several months but kills everyone within three years.  Someone you know has just been exposed and they say, "I feel fine, It has not affected me at all", but would you let them into your home to meet your family? Heaven is pure and without sin. Sin is the reason we physically die. If you dislike seeing people die, then you should dislike sin. God cannot allow sin into his dwelling so just the slightest sin that we might consider trivial would completely disqualify us from entering into heaven.  This is why Jesus came and died to make a way when there was no way. Because He is perfect and without sin, His death can bridge a gap that no other person could ever bridge. He paid the price for our sin through His sacrifice and shed blood, He can cleanse our sin and make us pure and able to join Him in Heaven.  You do not have to understand how this works.  All that God requires from us is that you confess that you are a sinner and turn away from your sin (repent) and turn toward God, sincerely asking Him to change your heart from the inside so you can become the person that He designed you to be.  Then He will give you the promised Holy Spirit to help you on your journey through life, as long as you determine to follow and obey whenever His Word or His Spirit speaks to you  (Note – His Spirit will never contradict His revealed word in the Bible). This is called being "Born Again" or "Born of the Spirit". 

As a Christian, I understand that God does not want to see anyone reject His offer of grace and rebirth and go to eternal separation in Hell. God created us in His own image with eternal souls and free will to choose our own eternal fate.  He wants us to join Him but He will not force anyone.  He makes it clear in His Holy Word that there are only two eternal destinations.  One with God and one without God. Despite the lies of pop culture, the destination without God will be more horrendous than you could possibly imagine.

As a Christian, I understand that nobody will be able to stand before God on judgment day and claim that God has treated anyone unfairly.  Some in their arrogance, try to paint the God of the Old Testament as cruel, yet they fail to see God's grace and mercy when he sent Jonah to Nineveh the pagan enemies of Israel.  This is very important as God reveals His heart for these heathen enemies of His people and He defers the punishment He had pronounced, after they repented. Some insist on pointing to other places where God gives instructions to wipe out everyone including the children and animals.  We are not told if these tribes were given a warning from God (like Nineveh).  We do know from other passages that there were other issues going on.  Destruction of the animals seems to indicate that they were having unnatural relations with the animals and possibly had been infected with viral diseases. Or consider that God might know something else is going on. There is also some evidence to suggest that these tribes were from the genetic mixture of the fallen angels that corrupted both human and animal gene pool and were not part of God's creation.  Because of what Jesus did for us, we know that God loves the whole world He created and does not want to see any human perish.  

As a Christian, I understand that there is a grand conspiracy that the evil one is orchestrating, trying to deceive the world.  Christians are in a spiritual battle in the unseen realm. Satan's plan of deception is diverse and widespread as the Bible has foretold and we have been given strong warning from Jesus... In reply, Jesus told them, “See to it that no one deceives you, (Mat 24:4 ISV) .  The Bible declares that the whole world will be destroyed with fire, which was incomprehensible before the invention of nuclear weapons and the understanding of the declining magnetosphere, solar flares and magnetic pole shifts. At this point, I will personally mention that I think it is wise to be good stewards of the planet God has given us and avoid polluting our water and air.  This is good for our health and the health of our children.  However, I see that issues similar to these can be used to bring in a global authority to undermine our democratic republic. The Bible is clear that the whole world will be under one authority when the anti-Christ rules.  The cashless society is getting closer and closer and is an extraordinary prediction made in the Bible almost 2000 years ago where people could not even conceive of the computer and electronic technology required to make it feasible. Jesus also foretold that there would be massive earthquakes in various places and we are seeing a worldwide increase in earthquake activity. But the most amazing part of many of these prophecies is that Jesus knew that we would have the technology to communicate worldwide and be aware of earthquakes around the world and all global disasters He foretold about.

As a Christian, I know that my citizenship is not of this world. Whenever Christians try to obtain the power to rule society, corruption is imminent regardless of how good the original intentions were. None of Jesus' apostles rebelled against the dark powers that ruled the politics of their time. They submitted up until the point when they were asked to violate their instructions from Jesus. They refused to deny Jesus. They refused to be quiet about the good news. They refused to worship anyone else. For this many of them were tortured and killed, but they never advocated rebellion against the government. I'm not saying that it is wrong to vote for Biblical values, as they benefit society and help people understand right from wrong. I am saying it is difficult to hold a public office as a Christian leader without serving two masters. Just as it is difficult to be rich (most people who have anything close to decent job in the USA are in the top 10% of the worlds richest). The problem is not the power or the money. It is the pride, self reliance and selfish ambition that so easily can creep in.

As a Christian, I understand that there are false and misleading teachings from cults and other religions who deny the truth concerning the only Person who offers salvation. They exist to distract from the simple, unique and powerful message of Jesus' virgin birth, perfect life, death on the cross and resurrection. Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life and nobody will enter heaven by any other name. Take a serious honest look at the best evidence for and against the resurrection. Don't cling to a false worldview just because you spent a lifetime making it.